About Us

Bo & Associates Inc. is a Canadian owned Engineering Service provider specialized in Geotechnical, Environmental and Geological Engineering, Hydrogeology, Material Testing and Expert Litigation. Services provide across Canada as well as across the globe.

Our mission

To provide engineering services to the industry with environmentally friendly economic designs applying state of the art advanced innovative practice using sustainable natural and recycled materials with the interest of public safety and welfare.

Our Vision

To create opportunities for talented professionals to practice and utilize their skills with due diligent professional codes of conduct and provide engineering services for the development of infrastructures with the interest of the public welfare and environment.

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To provide innovative and cost-effective environmentally friendly engineering services to the clients within the time and budget.

To collaborate with tertiary institutions to carry out research and develop state of the art technology which can exercise practically in the industry and at the same time, allow professionals to learn and receive training and mentorship both technically and various aspects of management.