Bo & Associates Inc. made Cash Contribution (donation) of $ 10, 000 in 2020 to the research program being carried out at Swinburne University of Technology, Australia. This is the third consecutive year Bo & Associates has contributed $ 10,000 each year to Swinburne’s research program since 2017.

In addition to Dr Bo’s contributions of knowledge and education to the Universities around the world, Dr Bo has been making cash contributions to a few universities. During last 15 years Dr Bo has made a total of $ 126,000 cash contributions to various research programs in the Swinburne University of Technology, Australia through the corporation he was affiliated. Dr Bo also has also set up and contributed scholarship program and equipment funding for value of $ 35,000 to the Lakehead University and Ottawa University respectively through the company.

On top of the cash contributions, Dr Bo also has made in kind contributions of $ 760,000 for various research projects carried out in the Swinburne University of Technology, Australia, Lakehead University and the Western University, Canada during last 15 years.

Dr. Myint Win Bo gave keynote lecture on Engineering Geology and Geotechnics in Inauguration Conference   on Applied Earth Science in Myanmar  organized by MAESA held in Yangon, Myanmar. Read More, Media Link

Dr. Bo was also interviewed by the media related to earthquake matter to the Myanmar media. Media Link

Dr. Myint Win Bo Testified Expert Witness duty at Ontario Court of Justice in Toronto, Canada.

Dr Bo testified as expert witness on Drill Rig collapse at York University, Toronto. Now Ontario Government enforces the legislation regarding requirement for supporting surface design for Rotary Foundation Drill Rigs to prevent accident to workers. Read More

Dr. Myint Win Bo Repeated His Keynote Lecture at Western University

Dr. Bo has delivered keynote lecture at Western University, Canada on 13th July 2016. Read More

Dr. Myint Win Bo gave welcome speech at North American Burmese Engineers Association Gathering Party

Dr. Bo, One of the Board of Directors of North American Burmese Engineers Association and founding Director gave speech at the North American Burmese Engineers Association First Gathering party held in November 2016 at Niagara Falls in CANADA. Many Burmese Engineers working in North America (USA and Canada) attended the gathering party. Read More

Dr. Myint Win Bo gave public lecture at NTU, Singapore

Dr. Bo gave public lecture at National Technological University of Singapore. Read More

Dr. Myint WinBo visited Agricultural Research Institute of Canada and Western University, Canada,

Dr. Bo visited and inspected on going engage research at Agricultural Research Institute of Canada, Western University. Read More

Dr. Myint WinBo Visited Swinburne University

Dr. Bo visited Melborne Swinburne University and gave lecture on October 16, 2016. Read More

Dr. Myint WinBo's Ph.D Student at Swinburne University Presentation

Dr. Bo's Ph.D student from Swinburne Uni:, and former student (now Research Fellow, Melbourne Uni:) Australia, presenting their research progresses. Read More

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